Energy Healing sessions are gentle yet powerful experiences that invite balance, flow and harmony into energy centers within the body

Known as chakras and meridians, these centers can become frozen or imbalanced over time as a result of shocks or traumas experienced in life. The result of these incidents may take many forms. We may develop disease or discomfort, causing suffering and a decrease in enjoyment and satisfaction in life. Examples of ways this can present include physical illness, depression, and anxiety.

Energy Healing also supports clearing frozen or imbalanced energies that are causing us emotional problems. These blockages may be experienced as emotional numbing of ourselves, a sense of dissatisfaction or chronic yearning for something we may not be able to name. It can be used by everyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with their feelings as well as their authentic, creative and spiritual selves.

 Energy healing sessions are an extended session and are typically scheduled for 90 minutes. Please feel free to ask about Energy Healing Sessions in your next session, or call to discuss scheduling an appointment.

What to Expect

Energy Healing sessions encourage the cultivation of respectful curiosity about the self and are offered with the fundamental belief that we are all innately whole. Facilitated in combination with traditional psychotherapy, there is a dynamic integration of awareness of body, mind and spirit that may result, yielding profound and rewarding results.

As both a licensed professional counselor and certified energy healer, Heather is uniquely able to customize each session to the needs of each individual. In addition to her background as a psychotherapist, she has sought further training in The Way of Love Energy Healing and is a graduate of Inner Source Healing’s four year program. Heather brings these different ways of understanding and helping people to her energy healing practice to bring depth, psychological growth and transformation.  By offering this integration of traditional psychotherapy and energy healing, she is able to support clients to expand their sense of well being through an approach that is attuned to the psychological, physical, and spiritual self. As a therapist and healer, Heather is committed to adhering to the ethics of her licensure by offering services that are respectful and professional.

Energy sessions begin like a traditional therapy session, by talking about any issues you have been experiencing to assist you to identify issues with more awareness. This exploration guides you in developing an intention for your healing, which may be used as a mantra during the session to quiet your mind.

The second phase of the session is done on a healing table. As your trained healer, Heather will take part in the session by placing her hands on or above your body’s energy centers. Typically people experience this as profoundly relaxing and deeply therapeutic.

The gentle and integrative nature of this type of healing promotes an overall sense of relief and a deeper understanding of self. It is encouraged that any and all insights and new awareness be accepted and integrated in the spirit of self acceptance and compassion.

Energy Healing sessions can benefit people of all ages and may be customized based on the needs of each individual from session to session.