heather-272x300About Heather

I have been practicing therapy since 1995 and have come to have a deep respect for the capacity we have for growth throughout our lifetimes, and the wisdom that our bodies hold within to guide us towards that growth. I see my role as a therapist as one of being a guide in service of encouraging others to uncover and discover their own wisdom and template for healthy expression and emotional freedom.

In a typical therapy session with me, you can expect something that looks like a verbal therapy session, but the emphasis will not only be on your thoughts and behaviors that you may wish to change or modify, but also on identifying and experiencing your feelings.

Early on in my career I held fast to the basic perspective of creative arts therapies, the understanding that our minds and bodies are connected, and that our creative expression can assist us to learn so much more about ourselves when we know how to tap into it.

As I have practiced and continued to learn about therapy, healing and mindfulness, I have expanded that focus to the  mind-body-spirit connection, each integral aspects of ourselves to explore and connect with in our pursuit of self awareness. These very potent aspects that every human being possesses work together and can be used as our greatest compasses for  growth and healing. In a session we may use breath-work and relaxation, active reflection, guided imagery, or energy healing techniques to deepen your connection to this very vital and alive energy within.